The Perfect Lip Blush Tattoo Color

Lip blush is a semi-permanent cosmetic tattoo that enhances the natural tint and shape of the lips. It can correct uneven shapes, define and outline the lips, and restore faded outlines. This lip blush Melbourne involves implanting colour softly to create a natural blush look without making a heavy lip border or bright dark colours. Lip blush can also complement lip fillers for enhanced results.

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Tips for selecting the ideal lip blush tattoo shade

Choosing the right lip tattoo colour can be daunting if you plan to go without lipstick for an extended period.

A lip-blushing tattoo is a semi-permanent makeup using a hand tool with tiny needles to deposit pigments into the lips. While there is ample information on lip blushing, the colour of the lip blush Melbourne has yet to be widely discussed. However, choosing the correct pigment shade is essential for achieving satisfactory long-term results.

During your consultation, a cosmetic tattoo skilled artist is essential. They will help you understand how shades interact with your natural lip colour and the final results. Knowing lip blush tattoo colours helps the professional artist guide you towards your ideal shade.

The expected result of your lip blush tattoo colour

The purpose of lip tattooing is to enhance rather than colour your lips. It aims to smooth and even out the pigment on the lip area. Lip blushing can also add a tint of colour to your lips, especially if your skin tone is dark or pale. The pigment shades usually appear subtle once the healing process is complete.

Natural-looking pigment results in good outcomes. It can even out existing lip colour or resemble a berry stain. Nude colours give a 'my lips but better' appearance. Less saturated colours that match your ideal lipstick also work well.

Be mindful of your skin undertones

Understanding your skin undertones can assist in permanent lip tattoo colours complementing your complexion. Veins with a bluish tint suggest a neutral skin tone, while pink, yellow, or neutral undertones may indicate warm or cool pigments.

Know your skin shade

When choosing a semi-permanent lip shade, it's essential to consider your complexion to find the most flattering colour.

Specific colours, like peach and light nude, can complement pale skin tones. These shades work well with neutral gloss or transparent lip colours. However, darker shades like burgundy or brown may create a more bold, intense look. Using these colours can give a rigid appearance and create too much contrast.

Individuals with olive skin look most flattering in warm, neutral tones such as amber or coral. It is recommended to avoid shades like deep red, brown, or burgundy to prevent creating too much contrast.

Natural coral shades are great for those with light Asian skin. They brighten the skin and are subtle enough for daily wear. Bold red and dusty rose colours also look flattering. Brown or beige shades should be avoided as they can make the skin look washed and flat.

For skin tones ranging from olive with yellow undertones to pale, brown-based neutrals and blue-based reds are recommended. Opt for terracotta, flesh tones, beige, and cool-tone pink or red shades. Avoid shades like magenta, plum, and mauve to prevent your complexion from appearing too yellow.

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Individuals with darker complexions may require additional sessions to achieve their desired lip shade, as the pigment may not show up properly on melanin-rich lips, resulting in noticeable purple and blue undertones.