Permanent eyebrows

Microblading has become popular, replacing traditional eyebrow tattooing. Newer techniques like Microshading and Microfeathering have emerged. These terms may be used interchangeably, but each has its style. Sometimes, you can combine multiple techniques for the perfect treatment. This means that there is a suitable eyebrow enhancement option for almost everyone.

Eyebrows Tattooing

Here is a comparison to aid in selecting the appropriate treatment for your needs.

Eyebrow Microblading

Eyebrow microblading is known by various names, such as micro-stroking, eyebrow embroidery, and feather tattooing. While its origins are somewhat unclear, it has gained significant popularity in the last 25 years.

Microblading utilizes microneedles to deposit pigment into the top layers of the skin, creating natural-looking hair strokes in the tattoo eyebrows.

Traditional eyebrow tattooing can look unnatural, using black ink that fades over time to a bluish/greenish colour, resulting in blotchy brows. This is not aesthetically pleasing.

Microbladed eyebrows appear more natural as they follow your natural hair growth pattern. The treatment utilizes pigments with yellow and orange undertones, eventually healing to a natural brown colour. It is important for you and your artist to work together to determine the most suitable shade for your hair.

Considering microblading as an option is worth exploring

When choosing the best eyebrow enhancement, it is important to consider factors beyond personal style preferences.

Microblading works best on individuals with normal-to-dry skin. The manual tool used in microblading doesn't allow the pigment to be absorbed as well on oily skin, leading to shorter-lasting results. Micro shading, often done with a machine, is a more suitable choice for those with oily skin.

The effects of microbladed eyebrows can vary from person to person and usually last for a few months to a year. Microblading is considered semi-permanent makeup; touch-ups are typically needed every three to six months. Microblading tends to last longer between touch-ups compared to other options.

Please schedule an initial consultation to determine the most suitable treatment for your needs. If you have previously had eyebrow tattoos, read on to discover effective methods for covering them.


Micro shading can benefit individuals with oily skin or who sweat frequently, making it a good option for sensitive skin users.

Microblading and shading are distinct techniques in the cosmetic industry. Microblading involves creating hair strokes with pinpoint dots, while shading uses a different technique to achieve a similar result.


There are two types of micro shading, allowing for a range of eyebrow appearances from bold to soft. Multiple effects can be added for versatility.


Clients who opt for shading prefer a softer, more natural appearance for their eyebrows. This technique provides a natural look that complements the eyes without overpowering them, making it an ideal choice for those who prefer a lighter eyebrow style.

Who is the ideal candidate for micro shading?

Clients with sensitive or oily skin may opt to have their hair shaded.

Your artist may recommend microblading or microshading if you have over-plucked eyebrows. This technique requires some natural eyebrow hairs to be present, even if they are sparse, in order to mimic your hair growth pattern.

Microbladed eyebrows have a longer durability, meaning less maintenance is required. Some individuals opt for microshading over other treatments due to cost and the need for frequent touch-ups.


The combination of both treatments to create a combo brow is referred to as a combo brow. This technique enables the artist to achieve more defined and denser brows, resulting in a natural look with a touch of makeup.

Combination brows offer versatility for enhancing eyebrows on various skin types and can be further enhanced with an Ombre effect.


Tattoo Eyebrows

Combination brows combine feathered hair strokes and a powdered look to create a more defined appearance for microbladed eyebrows.

Both worlds offer unique benefits

Clients frequently opt for this treatment due to the availability of combination brows, as they may be indecisive between the two options.


Various options are available for microblading, including the possibility of adding an ombre effect, as mentioned earlier, in combination brows.

The style resembles the ombre hairstyle, which can be achieved with a range of shades, transitioning from light to dark.

The tattoo eyebrows give a bold, defined, and fashion-forward look. This style is recommended for those who enjoy staying current with trends.

Is Ombre Brow suitable for your preferences?

This style is versatile and can be used for different client preferences. It is suitable for individuals with combination, oily, normal, or dry skin types.

As an additional option, you may choose to include it in your microblading/microshading treatment. Before deciding, assess whether your skin type is appropriate.